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Diagnosis: Functional and Structural Integrity

Based on your complaints and history, your Osteopath will perform a series of physical examination. Also, you might be asked for other co-occurring mental or physical health issues, in order to design a comprehensive treatment plan.

Osteopathic Treatment Session

An ideal Osteopathic treatment session might last for 40-50 minutes, depending upon degree and severity of your complaints. The treatment techniques can vary from slow-gentle palpatory to quick-painful manipulations. Your osteopath can modify and replace the methods according to your reported comfort.

Post-Session Scenarios

Some patients might experience post-manipulation soreness or even lethargy due to parasympathetic body responses. In case of any trouble (experienced or anticipated) you can reach out to your osteopath over phone.

Dr. Diksha Saini

Know your Osteopath

Dr. Diksha Saini is an Osteopath from Canada in addition to her Physiotherapy specialization in musculoskeletal disorders. Her approach to holistic care is rooted in hands-on, comprehensive, and evidence-based treatment focused on restoring the body’s self-healing mechanisms.

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